March 3, 2015

For years now, my friend Natalie and I have talked about exploring her homeland, Hong Kong, together⎼ especially seeing as I've never been to Asia before. When the opportunity suddenly came up to visit Hong Kong a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance and knew that I'd be in excellent hands when guided around the city. Nat organized my long weekend around all of her favorite food spots: from her family's well-loved pineapple buns and milk tea breakfast in Sai Kung Town, to a hole-in-the-wall beef noodle shop in Central, all the way to dim sum in Kennedy Town. The food was really unlike anything I've ever experienced before. 

We packed so much into five days. I loved being immersed in how dense the city felt, and simultaneously feeling so small in the expanses of Hong Kong's nature. There's undeniably that pulse of energy in Hong Kong that I similarly feel in New York City, but it felt different and new, yet still familiar and comfortable. Needless to say, Nat and I are already planning out the details of my next trip out there. 

Morning walk in Tseng Tau Tseun, watching the fog roll in. 

 Sai Kung Town

 Delicious and sunny Sunday brunch at Chino.

 Causeway Bay

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