December 9, 2011

I photograph moments like these because they resonate with me, and because I want to keep them forever. 

Overlooking Central Park and our city on top of the Met with a sense of accomplishment (a completed year of college!) and inspiration.

Sharing an excellent meal with a close friend.

The tradition of crepes and coffee after the final exam of the semester. 

 Deciding to walk through a different block en route to work, and stumbling upon a community tulip garden.

 The Hudson River by dusk. 

Photographing people who genuinely make this world a better place. 

Evoking an honest-to-God smile from your best friend. 

Stopping to take a photo just because of that delicious afternoon light.  

Anytime we're on Low Steps.  

Meeting brand new little people.

Visiting Brooklyn, just because. 

La Colombe's iced latte on a hot summer day.  

That seemingly infinite, peaceful air of the Adirondacks.

Beautiful sunsets and silhouettes in Upstate New York.

Beautiful friends / clients. 

Anytime I'm hanging out with this spunky, animated, and lovely little girl.

Going for a walk under the canopy of autumn leaves. 

A peaceful NYC apartment. 

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