December 2, 2011

If friends could be measured to stars, Christina would be the sun. 

I remember the first day I met her. It was the first day of sixth grade at a new school and she was rocking a corduroy olive green skirt with a striped t-shirt... overall, a very trendy outfit. I, on the other hand, wore an outfit that probably looked like it came from my great grandmother's wardrobe. And that's usually how it went-- even in our awkward stage (braces! uniforms! high socks! preteen drama! crazy obsessions with strange things! toby keith, christina!) and our not-so-awkward-anymore stage, she has been the living and breathing definition of a faithful best friend to me.

Christina has confessed to me that in sixth grade, she told herself that she and I were going to be best friends forever.

Well, Chris, your sixth grade instincts were dead on.

June 2011; film

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